Check out my new site!

How do you like my new LOGO?

How do you like my new LOGO?

Hi, all – I have a new Facebook page: I would love for you to look at it and LIKE it. It’ll really help me get off the ground floor.

Also, I have a new website (Wa-HOO!): I still write about Phyllis Diller and wine, but have added CATS, GARDENS, and things that go on in my NEIGHBORHOOD.

So I’m moving my posts from here to there. If you still want to be notified when I post something new, you’ll see “subscribe” where you can put in your information — and when you do that, you will be rewarded with a link to my brief story about how I managed to set a dressing room on fire with me and Phyllis Diller inside it!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you — leave a comment on the new site.


About robinskone

Since my blog is about Phyllis Diller, you've probably figured out that I know her. Knew her. Worked for her as personal/private/executive (take your pick) secretary for a couple of years back when she was in her heyday. I've had lots of interesting jobs -- worked for her manager for a few years. He also mnaged the likes of Dyan Cannon, George Gobel, Diahann Carroll, Candice Bergen, Jack Jones and more. I lived in Houston for awhile and in 1980 (Oh, that is so last century!) I married and moved to Las Vegas. I worked for the U.S. Attorney's office here in LV and now am happily retired, playing golf, throwing pottery (no, not at the wall, on a potter's wheel), teaching after-school Bible clubs, and generally enjoying life getting over to California wine country as often as possible and collecting wine (at least long enough to chill it before I pull the cork). I have three cats -- well, maybe four -- living with me. The fourth is the neighborhood stray who sleeps on my patio furniture and enjoys the fresh water, shade and cool grass. To sleep on -- grass to sleep on. I'd love to hear from you -- talk about Phyllis, comedy, wine, cats, golf, whatever makes you happy.
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