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Since my blog is about Phyllis Diller, you've probably figured out that I know her. Knew her. Worked for her as personal/private/executive (take your pick) secretary for a couple of years back when she was in her heyday. I've had lots of interesting jobs -- worked for her manager for a few years. He also mnaged the likes of Dyan Cannon, George Gobel, Diahann Carroll, Candice Bergen, Jack Jones and more. I lived in Houston for awhile and in 1980 (Oh, that is so last century!) I married and moved to Las Vegas. I worked for the U.S. Attorney's office here in LV and now am happily retired, playing golf, throwing pottery (no, not at the wall, on a potter's wheel), teaching after-school Bible clubs, and generally enjoying life getting over to California wine country as often as possible and collecting wine (at least long enough to chill it before I pull the cork). I have three cats -- well, maybe four -- living with me. The fourth is the neighborhood stray who sleeps on my patio furniture and enjoys the fresh water, shade and cool grass. To sleep on -- grass to sleep on. I'd love to hear from you -- talk about Phyllis, comedy, wine, cats, golf, whatever makes you happy.

Come to my new site ~

Hi, all – If you keep checking here and see NOTHING … it’s because I’ve been posting on my NEW website.  (Wooo a website! How high falutin’ is that?) Come visit me at and follow what’s going on — more … Continue reading

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Check out my new site!

Hi, all – I have a new Facebook page: I would love for you to look at it and LIKE it. It’ll really help me get off the ground floor. Also, I have a new website (Wa-HOO!): I … Continue reading

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The Mouse in the House

“No mice, no MICE, no MICE!” I screamed as I slammed the door in Smokey’s face. It was early in the morning and Smokey was banging at the door to be let in. When I opened the door, both she … Continue reading

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The Not Very Good Day

It’s summer in the desert. Hot, hot, hot! So when I looked outside and saw a girl sitting on the sidewalk crying, I knew I had to do something. She was in the shade of my ash tree, but even so, … Continue reading

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Sausage Curls

Sausage curls — no, not something you eat, but a hairstyle. Fortunately, this isn’t something you see much anymore, but you might remember your grandmother or an elderly aunt who would come home from the beauty parlor with little curls … Continue reading

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The English House

One of my casual entertainments is to drive around and look at houses. it used to be lots of fun years ago before everything became a “master planned community” where all the houses look the same. No, I like driving … Continue reading

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… and I walked away

As cars go, little Emmerson was a bit timid. My previous Ford, Scout, was a big old Explorer who was brimming with confidence, loved to run, and looked on the highway as his oyster. Emmer, however, was a somewhat different … Continue reading

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