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… and I walked away

As cars go, little Emmerson was a bit timid. My previous Ford, Scout, was a big old Explorer who was brimming with confidence, loved to run, and looked on the highway as his oyster. Emmer, however, was a somewhat different … Continue reading

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Why is saying “Goodbye” so hard?

So I’m sitting in my car thinking, “why was that so hard? Why do I feel like crying?” It makes no sense. The relationship had not been good and it was past time for it to end. Yet, as walked away, I felt … Continue reading

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Could it be a girl ??

I know I’m not the only person on the planet who names my cars. In fact, I’m willing to bet a lot of people do — probably more women than men. My first car, a little blue Renault, I named … Continue reading

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Running out of gas in Phyllis’s Rolls Royce

Everyone who worked for Phyllis Diller hated driving that Rolls Royce. The car was huge, an old classic which felt like driving an ocean liner on dry land. This particular winter afternoon, Phyllis and her husband Warde were flying out to … Continue reading

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