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The Mouse in the House

“No mice, no MICE, no MICE!” I screamed as I slammed the door in Smokey’s face. It was early in the morning and Smokey was banging at the door to be let in. When I opened the door, both she … Continue reading

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… and I walked away

As cars go, little Emmerson was a bit timid. My previous Ford, Scout, was a big old Explorer who was brimming with confidence, loved to run, and looked on the highway as his oyster. Emmer, however, was a somewhat different … Continue reading

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Saturday evening I was sitting at my computer when I hear the most terrifying shriek! it brought me right out of my chair. It was followed almost immediately by a second, louder shriek. The hair on my arms stood up … Continue reading

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How Hand Sanitizer Nearly Killed Me

Three things happen on Tuesday morning around here: the trash is picked up; the street sweeper comes by; Bible study at church. Preferably in that order. Bible study starts at 10. The street sweeper comes by sometime before noon. The … Continue reading

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It’s all About ME

One day in the after-school Good News Club, I noticed a little girl wearing a shirt that said, “It’s all about me!” I said, “Um, don’t you think that’s a little self-centered?” The other kids immediately jumped to her defense: … Continue reading

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The Highway Robber

I was in high school before I discovered that the name of the store was not actually The Highway Robber. It was in fact The Circle Delicatessen. They stayed open late at night, Sundays and holidays when everything else was … Continue reading

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Those dratted 45 Seconds !

Has this ever happened to you? You’re off to run errands — you get in the car, and realize you have forgotten (fill in the blank: shopping list, coupons, sunglasses, water …). Unless you’re super-organized, you have done that. And … Continue reading

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