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The Mouse in the House

“No mice, no MICE, no MICE!” I screamed as I slammed the door in Smokey’s face. It was early in the morning and Smokey was banging at the door to be let in. When I opened the door, both she … Continue reading

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One cat is not enough …

… but two are way too many. Actually, this was originally said about children, but since I have four cats, I think this is applicable. People who don’t have cats have some odd ideas — like they’re aloof, not affectionate … Continue reading

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How many cats is too many cats?

“When are you going to change the name of your blog to Phyllis Diller and wine and cats?” my cousin Dusty asked. She’s probably right — I should do that. I love cats. Cats love me. Cats seek me out and … Continue reading

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Please don’t use the litter box!

“Doggone it!” I yelled. “That cat used the litter box. Again!” Lonnie, my friend who was visiting from Texas, looked up from his book. “What?” “Paddy O’Cat just used the litter box.” “You don’t want him to use the litter box?” … Continue reading

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